This part of the website is devoted to ghost stories. These are stories of people who have had an experience with a ghost or other apparition, and wish to have them posted here to share with others. If you have a story, it can be personal or something that happened on a hunt, etc. to share, you can e-mail it here and I'll post it to the website! Thanks.



My encounter with the paranormal took place at an apartment I lived in when I was about six years old. At night my family had heard noises in the heating vents, and in the walls upstairs. We excused them as animals or a problem with the furnace. My mom had a guy from maintenance check out the problem with the heater. Actually, as it turned out there wasn't a problem with the heater at all.

The noise in the vents sounded like a growl, like the noise was vibrating the metal of the vents. The noise in the walls was a knocking, a soft knock, that my sister and I seemed to be the only ones able to hear, and only when we were alone.

Well, this whole situation peaked one night. I woke up hearing the noises in the vents as usual. As I lay awake, I heard the knocks. Like someone was knocking on the inside of the wall. I left my bed to go and wake my mom up. I told her about the noises, but she only told me to go back to sleep. As I lay on her bed, the noises in the vents became more frequent, then there was a couple new noises. Now I was hearing footsteps as they walked up and down the stairs. I was half-expecting to see someone at the top of the stairs. Then, I heard the cupboards downstairs opening and shutting. I was scared now. I woke my mom again, and she said she didn't hear anything. Needless to say it was a long night, and I eventually fell asleep.



II had a number of ghostly things occur in the house where I grew up in Williamston. They always seemed to happen when I was around. One in particular, I was 14, before I went to sleep one night I had been reading a book, as had been my habit. I had placed it under my bed before turning out the light and going to sleep.

I awoke sometime later in the darkened room, and heard pages of a book being turned about three feet from my head and slightly above me. I thought it was my younger brother so I called out "Jim?". Immediately the sound of a book hitting the floor reached me. I wasted little time in finding out if I could run. I ran downstairs and awakened my not-so-amused father. He growled as we went back to my room, turned on the light, and saw the book I had been reading now lying opened and face down on the middle of the floor. He told me not to leave my stuff laying around and to go back to sleep. I chose to leave the light on and read for the rest of the night!!!!



I was about 13 at the time. It was a hot summer night and as usual, we all had the fans on to relieve us of the sweltering heat. One night in particular, I was asleep in front of the fan. I was laying on my side and decided to roll over on my back. About 60 seconds later after doing so, I felt a hand slowly slide out from underneath my back! I quickly opened my eyes to see who was there-nobody...

Another childhood fright occurred one night when I decided to sleep downstairs on the living room sofa. About 3 o'clock in the morning, I slowly awoke to the sounds of conversation-or what seemed like conversation. It was more like two distinct tones of low guttural gibberish eminating from the corner of the room. It didn't sound like English or any language I've ever heard. Well at first, I thought that my brothers Allen and Aaron were playing a practical joke on me, since we all knew that the house was haunted, so I called out, "Allen...Aaron? Is that you?" Immediately the room fell silent. A second later I felt someone breathe in my right ear! I screamed! The whole family woke and ran to my aid. As my mother consoled me, wiping my tears away, she reminded me that they've never hurt us and not to worry. After living through instances like that for 14 years, we finally moved away. The house was converted into two apartments later on, then subsequently demolished. There is now a street where the house once was.